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Kenzo Kids Clothing

Kenzo is one the of most exciting, bold and fashionable children’s French fashion labels on the high street today.

As with most of the top fashion brands, Kenzo is named after the fashion visionary who founded it, Kenzo Takada. Kenzo Takada developed a love of fashion from an early age and soon went on to study at Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College.

As a budding designer Kenzo moved to Paris in 1964 to progress his career in fashion. His bold cutting edge design language is in part due to the fact that, in his early years in Paris, he could only afford eclectic mixes of fabrics from French flea sales. These bold mixed fabrics would later become part of his trademark look. Kenzo’s first collection of Japanese and Asian influenced design was launched in 1970 and was featured on the cover of Elle magazine. His ‘East meets West’ design flavours are clearly influenced by the design language he grew up with in Asia and the Western influences he would later absorb in Parisian culture. Oh, and let’s not forget, those vibrant ethnic prints from his trips to the Parisian flea markets.

In 1987 Kenzo’s much sought after Children’s range was launched. Kenzo’s fresh, fun, youthful exciting design style makes the children’s range a perfect fit for the brand. They continue the use vibrant prints with beautifully made and crafted designs. Quality and style are as much a trademark of the children’s range, as they are of the adult range.


This seasons Kenzo Kids collection is inspired by the cinematographic universe explored by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon season after season, this fall, KENZO Kids dedicates its collection to the seventh art.

This is a real tribute to the brand: cool and playful, audacious and trendy.
From superheroes to The Jungle Book, from Marvel to Miyazaki, animation is in the spotlight.
An inspired trilogy where KENZO Kids widens its range of materials.

Click here to see this seasons Winter 2019 Kenzo Kids clothing at Bella Bambinos.

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